If you would like to do your internship at RobinHealthgames. We are open for people with the following education:

-game and level design

-creative writing / game-art

-health/ public health

-nutrition and health

-nutrition and dietetics

What do we do for Interns? We like to see interns as young skilled persons, who still need to learn a lot but also know a lot and bring new ideas and (personal) experiences. Making games is hard work and fun. This is what intern Kiki wrote about her experience:

After finishing my internship, I’m able to say my internship was not only on Robin Health Games specific, but also on opportunities for to develop and grow. At Robin Health Games you get the opportunity to work independently and with many responsibilities. Personal and growth and development were central aspects during my internship, hence no printing, copying and preparing coffee as tasks, but building levels, participating in discussions and decisions, and performing research.

Are you interested, feel free to contact us.

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